Wehland Films is a wedding and corporate videography company based in Sykesville, Maryland, traveling worldwide to capture stories in a genuine and honest way.

capturing moments, telling stories, and bringing your vision to life. 



Family man. Storyteller.
Inspired by those around me. 

I’m Shawn Wehland, owner and creator of Wehland Films. Here, we let our passion for storytelling and the power of human connection drive our ability to create handcrafted, expressive, and impactful stories—your stories.

I always knew I wanted to be an author, but my love for film wasn’t discovered until later in life. What started out as a creative outlet turned into a passion to capture life in motion, to be an author with a camera. 

When I’m not filming, you can find me hiking with my wife, Kacie, and our pup, Penny, playing basketball, drinking a Natty Boh by a fire, or just having a chill day looking forward to our next adventure. 

But enough about us. What’s your story?

Storytelling starts with listening. 


Growing up a Wehland, I learned from my father and grandfather the value of listening. They had this innate ability to make people feel truly heard. It came so easy to them. They asked questions, and listened. Simple as that. They genuinely enjoyed connecting with people. 

This is something I have always admired about them, and something that is the very foundation of Wehland Films. Everyone has a story to share, and it's our responsibility to tell that story creatively and authentically. 

When we listen, we can find the story, and when we know the story, we can start to create a film.

Shawn is a real artist, and a true storyteller. His pieces are personal, genuine, and moving.

—  Alice Thornburgh


Your story will always come first, so reach out to us and let's talk about how to bring it to life.